Real Mentski plays Floppy Mentski

Its all a bit meta, like Duke Nukem not playing with himself in the Duke Nukem – Mentski does the opposite as a precursor to playing Robocop 2 – So sit back and relax and have a chocolate hobnob and enjoy!


FaVuS Games goes “Professional”

Hi there y’all! guess what? We did a trailer for our game!

Go watch it there! its great!*

*Not very good

Bare in mind we’ve not used premier for about 6 years… Rather enjoyed it, if I’m honest!

Advanced Lawnmower Simulator released!

Hello All… We are proud to announce the release of the first Alpha of Advanced Lawnmower simulator 2015!!! We are really happy with how this game turned out – and we hope you like playing it!

We would especially like to thank the Lawnmower deth for supplying the soundtrack so generously! The Nostalgia is palpable! Could we be the next Stainless Steel games? Lawnmowergeddon may just be a thing….

Mowing the lawn- Yesterday
Mowing the lawn- Yesterday

Clearly its not a patch on the original but its available for both the PC and Android!

Android Version with sound

Windows version is here

if you would like to help us develop more games in the future and you enjoyed Advanced Lawnmower Sim then feel free to send us a couple of quid via paypal


any feedback brokenness let me know!

Is that a Mentski in your pocket?

Why yes! Yes it is! Mobile version of Floppy Mentski is now live for Android!

Mobile Mentuss

Small but perfectly formed… and fully working and tested on a Galaxy Note II – I have NO idea if it works on anything else, you have to let me know… so please do!

I have updated it so now it is a bit easier for phones/tablets – if you already have it installed it will upgrade!

Version 3 APK here!

It is of course FREE! and an Alpha – but if you would like to support me then chuck me a quid on paypal! thanks

Lots of love

Uncle Favus


One new level, new sounds and an EASTER EGG!! like a birds egg


I am going to do MAJOR update tomorrow – with a new HAT powerup and enemies… so look out for that

As ever any bug reports to me at

and as ever, again, don’t forget to visit Mentski at his you tubes channel… and give him 10p for a cup of Bovril


ADDENDUM: Just updated it as i realised i didn’t have the dead mentski head in the foreground, that is now fixed! thanks to Wagoo for pointing that out…


Feeedback and problems

Okay! It was inevitable that this was going to happen, people really didn’t “GET” how Floppy Mentski worked, well basically you pick up packets of biscuits to put up your biscuit power… this means you can DESTROY the evil pink wafers (for a lovely bonus of 10 points!!) but use your power wisely! you may need it later…

The more you score, the faster you go! only the strongest and fittest will win the PLATINUM WILLY MEDAL! and I doubt anyone can complete the game…

Also due to some feedback I have added a scrolling foreground, because apparently that was a NEEDED thing.. So there it is! enjoy the REAL FINAL VERSION of Floppy Mentski

The power of buscuits (Yesterday)
The power of buscuits (Yesterday)

My Mrs was asking me how Mentski feels about me making games about him, I have no idea….

UPDATE! minor bug fix version here: DELETED

UPDATE 2: I have coloured the power bar and I have also changed the level of difficulty and added another level, its now available here: Emergency bug fix version