First ever game release!

Favus games is proud to finally release the mother of all flappy bird clones “Floppy Mentski” Once described by a person as “The third best floppy bird clone they have ever played!” – and that is applause enough for us here at Favus games!

flopskiplease be advised this is a very VERY early beta and is only a “proof of concept” while we await the development of Mentski – The Race for Biscuits – a metroidvania adventure of EPIC proportions (it has 3 levels)

The plot – Mentski whilst on holiday in the middle east – gets captured and beheaded by Islamic State – Who steal his pot AND his biscuit collection – can you get to the end before the chocolate melts on his  hobnobs??  or before his body is too rotten to re-attach his head??  You must avoid the pink wafers – ( “These are CATEGORICALLY NOT BISCUITS!!!” – Mentski ) – to get to your stash..

here is a link!

Get your copy here

The game is windows only – I hope you enjoy!

Any bugs please let me know at

if you are wondering who Mentski is, why not pop over to his you tube and give him a like or a sub?

Thank you!


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