I decided to think about going back to KC today


JennyCS: Hi Rich, my name is JennyCS:, how can I help?
Rich: Hello Jenny, I was considering getting KC broadband
Rich: but i looked on the speed checker for my postcode and I think it might be broken
Rich: because it says i can only get a guaranteed 6Mbs – should that be 60?
JennyCS: no 6 will be correct. You would never get speeds of 60Mbps unless you had lightstream service
JennyCS: what’s your address please?
Rich: 6? by my friend lives in the middle of nowhere, and he gets 24Mbs or more?
Rich: thats on standard ADSL… I live in East Hull
JennyCS: 24Mbps is the top speed any body on our ADSL speed will receive
Rich: Yeah, if i were only half a mile from the exchange i would expect about 20Mbs, why would I only get 6Mbs? is it connected via string?
JennyCS: the ADSL Broadband has max speeds on 24Mbps and Lightstream is 100Mbps
JennyCS: there a number of different factors that can affect your speed.
Rich: Yes, but at the rate you are rolling out Lightstream I should get that in about 2020? approximately…?
JennyCS: lightsteam is coming to east hull 2016, hopefully your property will be in the roll-out then
JennyCS: http://www.kc.co.uk/superfast
Rich: 5000 properties? there no word on where those will be?
Rich: doesn’t sound like a lot
JennyCS: alot of east hull already have the lightstream service currently
Rich: so Brough/Beverley and Cottingham will get fast internet whilst we struggle on for another 3 or 4 years on 6Mbs? How much does that cost for unlimited??
Rich: and why is it only 6Mbs??
JennyCS: Speed is variable on distance from the exchange, your wiring, age of your property etc. We don’t offer a unlimited service, If your having problems with your speed and want this looking into. You would need to call our helpdesk on 01482 606101
Rich: I don’t have any problems because I don’t have KC yet, I am thinking of getting it, but i am wondering why its as slow as 6Mbs, when it will (if ever) get faster, and how much it will cost? I am assuming you don’t know…
JennyCS: its 2016 lightstream is been rolled out again in the east hull area
JennyCS: what’s your postcode please?
Rich: hu8
JennyCS: http://www.kc.co.uk/products/broadband/#speedcheck
JennyCS: here’s the link to the current light stream tariffs
JennyCS: You can receive Broadband with speeds between a minimum of 6.7Mbps and a maximum of 7.8Mbps.
Rich: yeah but £45.99 – for 750Gb has a download limit, I was asking about Unlimited, Sky unlimited broadbad is £10 a month… (for fibre) I have seen the adverts on tele… that’s 36 quid a month more…
Rich: why is it so expensive?
JennyCS: we dont offer any unlimited services
JennyCS: I’m sorry you feel our services are expensive
Rich: No unlimited Fibre at all?
JennyCS: yes we do the lightstream ultra tariff thats £69.99 a month
JennyCS: this has 250Mbps speeds
Rich: wow
Rich: 60 a month more expensive than Sky, I know Sky has a 16.50 line rental on top of that, but even so 70 quid a month is a significant amount more than 16.50
JennyCS: ok
JennyCS: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Rich: Well I was just wondering why the ADSL is so slow here, and when Lightstream was coming out, I had no idea it was so expensive… I have not had either questions answered… so I guess the answer would be a sad no frown emoticon
JennyCS: sorry I did advise on what can affect speeds in your area, 6.7 Mbps also is not considered slow either
JennyCS: And the lightstream is 2016 for east hull again
Rich: 6Mbs is very slow – The average broadband speed in the UK is now 18.7Mbps, with those in rural areas achieving an average of 13.6Mbps.
Rich: thats from the telegraph website
Rich: I don’t live in a rural area! I live in the city of Culture 2017 aparently
JennyCS: I believe OFCOM said it was 14.3Mbps for cities
Rich: that’s average though
Rich: and those ofcom results were 5 or 6 years old
JennyCS: ok
JennyCS: I’m sorry we cant deliver the speeds you was hoping for
Rich: yeah me too… guess i will ask you again in 3 or 4 years if i can get lightspeed yet
Rich: thanks for your time
JennyCS: Thanks for using the Live Chat service. Please don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you have any further queries.
Operator ended the conversation


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