The Blade itself by John Applecrumble – Book #1 on the "Books of shite" list – Review

Right now – Here (albeit belatedly) is the review of “The Blade itself” by John Applecrumble..


I decided the other day to (as I have said) read a list of books that I downloaded – In Alphabetical order and only skip the ones that I have heard of and I know I won’t like, I probably made a giant mistake ALREADY by skipping “Catch me if you can” (The one that was made into a Leo Dicaprio film) but ho hum, I am going to carry on! – I will skip Harry Potter and The Hunger Games and 50 shades of Grey (if it was on the list, it isn’t) and books that I really KNOW I will hate – I really don’t like starting a book and not finishing it! – The main reason for me doing this is to find new Authors for me to read, and to find and enjoy books I really wouldn’t normally pick up, People say all the time I should read things, and I always politely (Like everyone does) succeed and say “Oh yes, I will add that to my “to read” list! – I have heard it’s excellent” but never do – and another reason is so I can review them here, not for your entertainment – but simply because I haven’t really written anything for a long time and I feel totally out of practice, and to that end – here follows the review of book #1 on my “books of shite” list “The Blade itself” by John Applecrumble.


Something you cannot escape from straight away when you read this fantasy novel are comparisons the Game of Thrones series by George RR Martin – When I was searching for a book cover for this very blog I noticed these almost immediately, so when you read this you know pretty much what you’re going to get – A large city in the “Middle” of the world that runs the world, Skirmishes on the border… Kings… and a threat from the north and one from the dark skinned people of the East… Its all there but its a fantasy book, so its going to a fantasy version of our world – because that’s what people do.
I must admit I did struggle with the book (and the writing) at first, It took me till I was least a quarter of the way through the book to get into it, and I am glad I did – Each character has their own chapters (Like George RR Martin) but each of them think subtly differently – and because the Northman Logen thinks a certain way, reading his chapters writing style sort of grated on me – Logen is a sort of hero of the north a named man, who is a bit of a legend – he supposedly is a great warrior who somehow beat a great many men in battle, but when he does fight you wonder how – its until later on that particular secret is revealed (and I won’t spoil it for you) – but the book follows the politics and the everyday life of these characters giving you a history of why they all end up where they do, and they all come together as the book goes on – and meet up and war is of course brewing (as opposed to winter coming). It has interesting characters, although there seems to be a bit a lack of strong women characters – I have seen people say that George RR Martin is really not very good at writing female characters and you know that’s pretty much standard for the fantasy genre author – they’re just not very good with women, that’s why they’re writing fantasy novels and not having sex with a lot of women. Another problem I had with the book was the word “shit” is waaaaay over used and I mean REALLY overused – I would word count if I knew how, but I pretty sure the book is AT LEAST 14% shit, I mean the word shit, not shit – its really not a bad book.
I really didn’t know what to expect from this book (Or indeed any of the books I am reading on this list) because most of them I know nothing about, I will have only seen the cover when I read it – and not judging books by their covers is something we’re told not to do from day one, but lets be honest – we really do don’t we?
All in all it was a good first book in the trilogy, I will maybe read the rest of them, so I must have genuinely liked it – I am really not a masochist, So bearing all that in mind, and the sketchy and jarring writing style of the first quarter to half of the book I will give “The Blade itself” an above average 6 out of 10


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