Books of shite!!

I have a load of ébooks, i just did a list of them all, I have LOADS! so yeah, I am going to start reading them! can you judge a book by its cover? first on the list is…


Well i am going in alphabetical order, its not Games from the chippy I know, theres going to be no You Tube videos, however i will post a review of each book as i read/re-read them… if i come to a group of books i will read the first one, and come back to them if i enjoy them, i will be skipping and not reading books that are of no interest to me (or kids books! I am talking to YOU Harry Potter…)

First book on the list is

Abercrombie, Joe - The Blade

I have no idea who Joe Applecrumble is, here is the cover of said book.. 

Joy! this looks fun... here i go.... 


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