Chris Cornell FTW

Chris Cornell (yesterday)

I just got back from Manchester today, after the shock of losing my job, Luckily I had booked tickets to see Chris Cornell at the Lyric Theatre in Salford, Staying in a very very posh hotel (and god was it expensive, A full English breakfast was £19.99 PER PERSON, and didn’t even include Burnley FREE with your breakfast..) I stayed at the Lowry Hotel in Salford, I wouldn’t recommend it, the concierge was dressed like Dr Evil, and as i say was VERY expensive too…

Anyway, on with STUFF, i went to see Chris Cornell doing his Acoustic Songbook tour, where basically he just strums along his guitar and blasts out his hits, all on his own, to a very very appreciative, and very intimate audience – A member of the audience, James, held up a sign asking Chris if he could play a guitar on stage with him, Chris made a joke about it (His interaction with the audience was superb, his joke about his real life voice being all muffled and nasally was amusing) and he asked what James would like to sing, one of those songs was “Fell on Black days” and the other was something else, I forget, I had had a lot of wine by then, but it was such a great vibe, it really didn’t matter..

Is it Jesus? let’s all stand for the last 4 songs! 

Anyway, later on he calls up James, who was in shock, gets another guitar going, and off they go, James is on stage playing with his idol, it was brilliant… I mean to watch, that someone like him would do that, but the fact that here is someone playing on stage with an artist he clearly admires, and the fact he does it, well here is a video from last night, its one i pulled off you tube, i never filmed it, loads did, ignore the noise about 1/4 of the way in, the levels were broken, but still it was magical…

Shiraz (yesterday) – This wine will is lovely

something I also found was this wine! it’s usually £8.99 but its currently half price at Sainsbury, i have two bottles, which i can see being no bottles fairly soon! Also i typed “bobblers” instead of bottles, and I have not even had a drink yet…

Sides, brilliant night, one of the best gigs i have ever been to, all the better with a lovely woman to share it with, Its been the best end to probably one of the shittest weeks of my life.. but I shall survive! onward and upwards as they say…


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