Further to the Age old story down at the bottom you may have been reading, I had tried to get a B.T. line in Hull and failed, well living down the Avenues in Kingston Upon Hull (as i do) I had go Nextgenus as my ISP they supplied “over the air broadband” basically this..

Stuff on the roof (yesterday)

…Anyway, Nextgenus decided to go bust! Thanks guys, And the nice guys at Quickline took over, and said, “look mate, your signal, right? yeah? its shit, its the trees basically, but its winter right? so look, probably in spring, your internet will die horribly right? yeah well if that happens, we’ll give you a refund… so yeah let us know” – Nextgenus had a terrible capping system which basically slowed your bandwidth down thinner than Hank Hills urethra if you went over their (I think it was 5 gig a day cap) – made it un-usable, well Quickline is unlimited, its speed was (supposed to be) 5Mbits up and 5Mbits down, it was to begin with, when Diablo III came out was about the time i got into trouble…

The error people fear most (Yesterday)

I didn’t have the terrible error problem, I had a whole shed load of problems (which i tweeted at the time) basically the game was unplayable because of lag, okay – single player game, keep dying with lag, which fucking genius thought that was a good idea? I kept getting disconnects, the game was basically unplayable! and its a SINGLE PLAY GAME right? okay rang my ISP (which is now Quickline) are you following? they said, after some umming and aaahing, “Yeah mate, we can’t supply your internet! the signal is too bad, but we can pass you on to one of our competitors, they should be able to sort you, yeah?” and promptly, cut me off THAT DAY! – So i got home, no Internet – I rang the company who took over Nextgenus, said “can you connect me again?” and they said, “No mate, we lost the node when we took over, there is no coverage in your area, its the trees mate… sorry bye!” and hung up… So anyway, the competitors rang, they turned on my internet, and now I have internet! the company is Citylife Now! some sort of international space landlords who also run an ISP? it seems very weird, but I’m okay with that! because look!

The speed of things in the air (Yesterday)

Now it’s not the best speed, but its not dropping out, My ping in Diablo 3 makes the game playable but only just! more on that, I might review it actually, not that everyone else hasn’t already… but it’s only £19.99 a month, and its got a cap yeah, but its 100 gig a month, which is not terrible, and none of my money goes to K.Com (which i wasn’t officially allowed to slag off because my ex employer is apparently in cahoots with them? although You have to be careful what you say..)

So i have internets now, they are not brilliant, but they will do for now, and for the price, I am not complaining! and I shall now commence job hunting if you excuse me! I have a Chris Cornell gig to pack for..


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