Well Hello there! I am back again, Not really had much time to write anything here because I have been pretty busy being part of the corporate machine (that got more and more corporate than anything had any right to be) and having annoyed some of the bigger wigs.. they decided to eject me onto the heap, So, what’s next? I really have no idea! Updating my CV, cracking out my Wacom tablet, and seeing what i can do next I suppose, expect some updates along the way, I am writing some new stuff, don’t know where it’s going to end up yet, but we’ll see!

No-one will probably even know this has appeared, but we’ll just keep it between you, me and the spam bots shall we? shame they linked this to Google + though, that place seems deader than my career prospects at the moment!

…oh the web comic I had on the back burner is returning, link coming here soon, so look out for that! Bet you can’t wait, sneak preview should be up by Wednesday! maybe! bare in mind i have not drawn properly for a very long time, and in my old job (and I quote) “A sense of humour is not required”


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