The phone saga Part I

Bloody Twats (Yesterday)

As you may or may not know, I live in Hull, we only have one Phone supplier and one ISP! Until now, taking advantage of B.T.s FREE line installation I rang up 2 weeks ago to order a new line…. That’s pretty much where it all went wrong….

Firstly, They couldn’t finish my order because “the system was down” and they kept insisting i rang back, eventually when it was finally up again (Bare in mind it was their last day of FREE installation) I managed to place an order… well nearly! At the end when they try and set up my Phone number, so the order can go ahead, the program failed! and they INSISTED they would ring me back within 24 hours with a new phone number, and installation date… 3 days passed! and nothing happened, when i rang back and FINALLY got through to a human, I spoke to an Indian guy, Now i am not saying he was an Indian call centre, he could be in Wales for all I know! I wasn’t going to ask him, basically because I couldn’t actually understand a word he said, actually he could be Welsh! I never thought of that, he started the whole process again, my order had been cancelled because “There was no engineer available, to book, so we cancelled the order for you”
A Welshman doing what welshmen do (Yesterday)
Anyway, same thing happened, when i got to the end of the process, when they finally got round to it, he said “Installation would be £39” erm, i said, “no look, when i ordered it, it was FREE installation, not £39” so he said i would be charged £39 and then i would be refunded on the same bill! so hurrah, its free!! (This was after a good 30 minute chat with his supervisor while i listened to some horrendous classical music that sounded like it was being played on a Kazoo) I was assured they would ring be back within 24 hours with a phone number, and that never happened! When i finally rang back a week later… I booked a call back, it never happened!

SO now I am on the phone again, to a rather lovely and apologetic lady called Pam… and she’s trying to sort it, apparently it is booked with an engineer, but there is still no phone number, and I’ve been on the phone about an hour now… She said my case had been passed to the “complex offline team” somewhere in darkest Scotland, and I MAY get a BT line, but somehow I really doubt it!!

Stay tuned to see what happens….

PS: I got an SMS from BT saying that I have raised a query! So maybe something IS happening after all


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