Something for the weekend….

My son is skanky, everyone says he is cute, and no doubt to some he is, but that because you’ve only seen pictures of him, looking all angelic and not the filthy young man he is, I have just invested some pennies in a lovely shiny new laptop, he jumped on me today, and made me spill my tea on it! needless to say i am not impressed, yesterday while in the midst of a horrendous hangover he proceeded to EAT THE CATFOOD, when i cleaned him up, his breath smelt so bad, i threw up in the sink… and no matter how much you shout and punish him, does he care? no he bloody well does not!

Don’t be fooled by the cute! this kid is horrendous!!

Anyway! he ate more today, was told off, and then when we were looking for his shoes did it AGAIN! thing is, you can’t even get him to eat normal human food most days! what is it with this kid?? I have no idea why he acts like he does, my first son was a total angel in comparison to Zack, he constantly misbehaves, then acts all cute, if my son is the Antichrist (like i believe he probably is) I apologise for bringing around the end of the world!

In other news, my shiny new Dell laptop with 64bit windows 7 on runs like a dream! Mass Effect looks lovely on it (for such an old game) and runs as smooth as silk (once patched) Windows 7 was terrible on my desktop, maybe because of the motherboard, or the mish mash of cheap off the shelf bits, i don’t know, yeah i do know games will be about 25fps slower, but i guess the only game i will notice that on is GTA IV and i really don’t think i will be playing that any time soon, as i have at least 10 games to finish before i get to that!

I am currently playing Oblivion, and added naked ladies to it, its great fun! I might even finish Fallout afterwards, with the same mods…

RPG Nerd HEAVEN! naked elves with fake boobs! (Oblivion: Yesterday)

I also bought Flatout Ultimate Carnage for my 360, this was only £5, total bargain! so i shall be playing that too when i find the time… I still have last weeks Being Human to watch! where does all the time go??

To stop the hurt of having spent £80 in a restaurant last night, which was barely better than a mediocre pub food pub type place (fuck me! I am excellent at the expressing myself with letters thing!) I watched “Pants on the ground” as I happened to see it in passing, however i saw several remixes, and enjoyed them, as well as some decent cover versions! Here is one of my favourites so far….

Hope you enjoy it! and have less stress this weekend than I did, Oh and in case you are wondering, the laptop cleaned up fine, and Zack doesn’t have food poisoning YET!


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