Last night after college me and Denis went for a curry, We both had a Chicken Vindaloo from Wetherspoons (this is how classy we are!) Neither me not Denis had has anything this hot before, I managed to finish, He had to run off to the loo to rinse his head under the tap!

I enjoyed it quite frankly, the feeling my head was on fire and my face was melting was awesome, I think curries i have had in the past from wetherspoons always seem to be 1 chili hotter than they should be.. anyway it cleared my sinuses out and it was great! I would heartily recommend them, although the Pedigree i had with it was a bit rank! ho hum.. bring on the Abbot!

I’m feeling quite up again after a roller coaster of emotions.. I am likely to crash into a big steaming heap any day now… I keep being late for work and sleeping in too, that’s really no good at all.

What am I hating at the moment? that’s a good question! Zoosk! the fuckers have started making it pay to talk AND censoring your MSN address.. hehe not gonna pull on there anymore..

Christmas too is annoying the fuck out of me, If you don’t like eggs, no one calls you a misery for not liking eggs… If you don’t like bumsex, they don’t all nag you to join in with it, and sing songs about it at you, so why do it with Christmas? I hate Christmas, its stupid, pointless and boring as fuck, and like Stuart Roberts, should die in a fire… preferably as soon as possible.


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