I need a new job

You might not know this, I am a network technician, I work making the network where i work work, its dull – Its soul crushingly dull, Have you ever configured a switch? Updated a Netware server? No you’ve not, its not advance more than Telnet these days. There are web frontends, but they are slow, and hardly ever work. Most of the time I am waiting for stuff to break, so i can reboot it. Time marches on…

I always loved using computers, these days even though i am on them all the time, I hate it! Its not any fun, games don’t even intrest me anymore. Energy prices are going up so much, i don’t think i can even afford to have my computer on anymore, so i am not going to bother. I am seriously thinking about sacking computers off entirely and going luddite… getting a non IT job, something that maybe involves moving bricks about, or selling fruit.

I don’t know, everything these days seems like such an effort, if it didn’t help me get laid, i’d probably not even bother now.


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