Gorgeous Ladies of Zoosk, whatever number I am up to now and SUMMER!

Incase you missed it, Yesterday was summer, the first and the last day, hottest day on record! all that shit… the good news is, its boobs out weather! Cleavage everywhere.. and thats excellent… the bad news, whats above it, is usually horrendous! hehe… Well Summer was nice while it lasted, best go unpack your jumpers RIGHT NOW.

On with the gorgeous and sexy ladies of Zoosk!! mmmmmmmmm!!

As you know Hull flooded recently, here you can see Tracy in the flood, and she put a pic on her Zoosk of her newly flooded living room, as you can see, she looks quite upset about it.

Oooooh lovely, what a nice profile pic you have there Debz, really showing off your good side, FFS! my arse is bigger and better looking that THIS MESS, really if you are going to flash your arse and then put it on the web, make sure its nice! that’s all!!

This is even worse than putting a picture of your baby up, or you in your wedding dress, if you are going to flirt DON’T use a picture of your dog, it IS a picture of your dog isn’t it? or are you reallllly that ugly!?!? WOOF!


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