You won’t beleive that shit that some women post on the net III – The search for Spock

I am sorry to post this anonymously.
I have been really stressed over the last few weeks as I am experiencing problems with my work. I know I will sound paranoid but I honestly think they want to get rid of me as I work in a very male dominated environment and I think me being a mum now makes them think that I’m not going to work as hard etc. They’re giving me a really hard time – picking up on any stupid little errors and making me feel humiliated in front of everyone. I’ve spoken to HR about it but they weren’t any help and actually, it’s pretty obvious that they are taking my bosses side.
I am looking for another job but there’s not much out there at the moment.
I feel constantly sick and am struggling to eat properly. My stomach is in knots all the time and (sorry, tmi) but I have a constant upset tummy. I don’t want to go to my doctor as I don’t think she is very good and I don’t want to be diagnosed with stress etc as I worry that if I get another job then they will be put off by this.
I am trying to not let this ruin my time with my lo but sometimes I can’t help bursting into tears. I am so worried about money and feel useless and incompetent.
Any advice anyone?

Kill yourself.


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