Review – MrGoat

Most of you don’t know what a MrGoat is, A MrGoat or Damian Jennings, Is a person. Its function is to do lots of things, More things than most people, it is like some sort of Swiss Army Spork device. It can be used to play the guitar, to some degree. He can also Rap a bit, which is quite odd, because it only comes in white, and shouldn’t really perform this function. The case is a bit dated and shabby, and it has a tendency to do magic. To be honest if you already have a Sideboard, there’s not really much use for a MrGoat.
The MrGoat is not internet ready, the mac interface it uses seems to be add odds with the internet, and when connected seems very lagged, browsing his web pages they may be up to 2 years out of date.
The MrGoat is mobile however, and will turn up to most parties.
I didn’t like it at first but it grows on you, like mould.
You can make a penis out of him, so he gets a – 4/10
If you would like to read more about the MrGoat go here..

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