You won’t believe the shit that women post on the net

Just another little gem from the forums where stupid women post crap about their mundane and stupid lives, Do you know that 95% of women hate their partners??

I Hate dp!!!!
Well im truly pis*ed of with him now!!!!!!!! I rang him at 2.00 to make sure we were still on for tonight, going to meet Katie Price. He said yes and I know he is only working at a school so not a pushy customer he has to hurry up n finish. Rang him at 2.30 wen i’d got all ready n he said were not going now!!!!!! Well he said he isn’t leaving work tell 4.30 but we could still go its up to me! why do men say that when its obviously not!! she’s there at 5 for an hour so if we don’t get there tell 5.30 there is no way were going to get to see here cos the trafford centre is busy at the best of times so the que will prob be huge!!!! He’s now making out like im bein mean! its suposed to be a birthday treat. He is his own boss so there is no excuse why he cant just leave early as we had planned. I hate my life depending on him constantly!!! can’t even get my mum a mothers day presant unless he will give me money for it!!ARRRGGGGGRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Get a job then you fat cow, and stop whinging! hahah, i mean seriously?! you wanted to go and see JORDAN as a birthday treat? are you retarded? Have you never heard of Taxis! haha, you loser…

SEX…….anyone up for it yet?? (im 15+3)
i have a very lovely partner who has always told me he would still find me attracitive if i was a size 22 and although im nowhere near that size, i am struggling to feel comfortable with my self so that i can have sex with him. bless his heat he is being wonderful about it but i can tell that he is getting frustrated about the situation.
the worst part about it is that a lotof the time i am up for it but feel uncomfortable with my new fund flabby tum, ginormous painful boobs to name but a few of my insecurities.
does anyone else feel this way of eve better have any ideas abou how i can start to feel better about myself??
my poor fella doesnt deserve this!!

Size 22!?!? Fuck me! you’re a FUCKING WHALE! the only penetration you’ll get is a by a japanese whailing fleet!!

I have very little sex drive and have done ever since being pregnant. My dh is being really great about it, not pushing at all. I just feel so bad about it but feel ok finding other ways of keeping my man happy

Thats right love! keep feeding him and biring him his slippers while the woman he is seeing at work lets him bang her all over his office! They’re probably doing it on the photocopier RIGHT NOW!!


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