You won’t beleive what some women put on the internet.

Hello readers! I have come across a GREAT forum on the net, where women who have kids whinge about stuff, I am not going to tell you where it is, but its amazing, these people put INTIMATE DETAILS of their lives on a public forum, its really cool, here are just two i thought you would like…
DH has got a new job which means we won’t lose the house and with the bigger salary means i don’t have to return to work and we can ttc as well….all pretty damn good.
So why am i sssooo unhappy?? I am finding myself crying for no reason during the day when on my own,I feel that i’m adding no value to the house or relationship,even though DH says i do.I don’t feel successful TBH i feel pretty damn worthless.
I try to keep busy during the week,going to groups and meeting up with friends,but they are all starting to go back to work in the next few months and then I’ll feel even more lonely than i do now. I don’t even feel i can talk to DH as he doesn’t want to listen to me going on about my day changing nappies and doing housework.
I’m just so sad and unhappy,i haven’t told DH as he is so busy now that i don’t want to bother him. My life is pretty damn good so why am i so unhappy.
Thanks for reading,i just needed to get it off my chest and you girlies (and Andy) are the only people i can tell.

Well done love, you are telling the whole internet how depressed you are, you can’t even work out that everyone on the planet can read how you nearly lost the house, and you won’t go back to work because you’re a bum! lol!

Grim- maggots – help needed
Yuck, yuck, yuck. Please don’t think I live in a house filled with scum but last night we found maggots in the bathroom. I am completely stumped as to how they got there, what they are feeding on and how to get rid of them. I would understand if they were in the kitchen bin but the bathroom? I have my suspicions they came in with some Tesco toilet rolls as thats where DH found the first lot. We cleaned them all up but this morning there were even more. How do I kill them and make sure they don’t come back?
I’ve picked up everything from the floor and put the bath mat into a boil wash. Do you think bleach will kill them if I put it on the floor and around the skirting board? We have laminate flooring so they can’t get into that. I felt sick for ages last night and I am not at all squeemish!!!!! HELP!

OMG! OMG!! MAGGOTS LOL!!! Pikey cow.

RIP my Sex Life

I hope DH doesn’t see this, he would be upset. But, I am really worried about our lack of nooky. We still love each other very much and we cuddle up lots, but there never seems to be any time for dtd. I admit we’re not in the 1st flush of love – I am 37 and DH is 43 and we’re both knackered running about after Connor, but we’ve stopped making the effort. Is anyone in a similar position…..pardon the pun….

Lol! he doesn’t want to have sex with you! he is getting it somewhere else love….


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