Hull Punternet Reviews of the week

And in another semi regular feature, my pick of punternet reviews!

here’s one i particularly like…

good looking, lovely body, boobs are big but clearly fake, felt wierd

have only ever been let down in e.suite once b4 and that was years ago, felt quite let down here though. dont get me wrong kate is a nice person with good looks and a fit body, but there is something missing. i hope i dont come across as horrible in this report but kate is too chatty and scatty for her own good. for instance i had to ask for a body to body massage over a dozen times, she kept saying yes sure but never actually did it, she just kept rabbitting on at me. i dont mind a bit of frienly chat but it got far too much.

good points: fit, great covered bj and she means well

bad points: talks far too much, rushes you quite a bit, sex was poor- she wouldnt fully let me enter her for some reason and boobs are a turn off for me

Lol! yeah me too, i hate boobs…

Slim tanned blonde lady, reasonably pleasant. Probably olde than stated but with the typical smokers lines its hard to be sure.

She sounds hot! I will be visiting her for sure.

Brief massage, asked me to turn over. Nice oral followed.. for about 30 seconds! Whilst I was settling in to enjoy it I looked up and she was squirting lube on! Proceeded to try cowgirl where she went from stationary to 60 thrusts a second immediately!Tried doggy to control the pace a little but lost interest when all I could smell was her dirty arse!

mmmmmmm! stink arse, this is class…

well there you go, i shall be returning to punternet soon…


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