A licence too far

Unlike a lot of people, I liked Transformers, the new movie, I never saw the cartoon, i was too old when it was television, and personally, i don’t care! It was basically a very badly animated advert for toys. At about the same time Zoids arrived, they lasted about 15 minutes, and disappeared, if you had any, and kept them, they were worth a fortune, if you anything like me, you lost all the bits, ate them, and shat them down the toilet. Now you can play the Xbox360 game of zoids, well not now, cos its not out yet. I think it looks shite.

The most action packed pic i could find of this hellish looking RTS game (yesterday).

I wonder if you have to stop the game every 2 minutes to wind all your units up? hmmm… intresting! on Wii version you could spin you wiimote! woo!! God i hate consoles, and i hate nostalgia, its not what it used to be.


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